5 ways to improve your remote training using AR

8 Luglio 2020

Here are the advantages of training your staff with augmented reality.

Have you ever heard of Remote Traning? With rapid technological advances in the world of digitization and the augmented reality industry the world is, literally, your oyster.

Today’s business and industrial world looks almost nothing like it did 25 years ago. But with all these changes, the needs of your workforce must also advance.

This is where Augmented Reality (AR) comes into play and helps redefine education and training. We would like to show you what we think are the 5 best ways in which we think you can benefit from using AR as a distance learning tool.

1) Training your workforce with augmented reality.

Training your workforce with augmented reality

With the rapid rise in the number of users of digital devices, many companies are now taking advantage of this opportunity to utilise this for training their workforce.

Many of those users already have AR ready devices and in some cases are already familiar with the world of Augmented Reality through apps that are already available to the general public.

As a consequence many of your workforce will be more comfortable and accustomed to using their digital devices for training purposes in comparison to the more traditional methods of training.

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2) Virtual simulation in AR for delicate interventions.

The potential for providing effective training across a wide variety of business and industrial processes is immense.

For example if training is required in the operation of machinery where error could be costly, the ability to use remote training using 3D objects in Augmented Reality make for a safe and cost effective alternative.

This allows the user to obtain maximum experience and competency before using these newly acquired skills out in the field.

However, it does need to be noted that if a specific process or system requires the user to use both hands then a wearable hands-free device needs to be used.

3) Training of staff at a distance with augmented reality.

Training of staff at a distance with augmented reality

Remote training using Augmented Reality training apps provides companies with the ability to provide training and employee development anywhere in the world.

Your employee’s may be scattered around the globe or possibly, in particular in the case of the construction industry, in various locations within a small area.

But with AR it is possible for them all to receive standardised and cost-effective training without the need to bring them all together in one centralised location.

As most apps use virtual assistance, training apps have the ability to use the same technology to provide virtual trainers out in the field.

4) Augmented reality provides maximum security.

Health and Safety is a major undertaking for all types of businesses. From the little local car workshop to a massive construction site or railway company. This is a major area where Augmented Reality training really comes into it’s own.

The ability to be able to provide training for employee’s off-site and yet in a virtual environment mirroring the work environment, item of engineering or even surgery is especially good for all concerned.

AR is particularly advantages to those working in the oil, gas and nuclear industries where one mistake has the potential for a huge disaster.

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5) Training in AR allows you to save money.

Remote training using Augmented Reality is cost-effective. As already highlighted in point 1 most employee’s already have digital devices meaning that you do not require the cost of expensive equipment that is purely used for training purposes.

If training is only an hour or two to complete but requires the employee to travel half a day to a location to receive it, the loss in work and the cost of travel could be high. But if that employee only has to step into the AR world those costs are drastically reduced.

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