The Importance Of Having An Enterprise Augmented Reality Platform In 2021

21 Settembre 2020

The manufacturing industries need severe precision and accuracy by highly trained experts. Having an enterprise augmented reality platform reduce human errors, it helps to reach fast optimal training, and deliver in time the information needed for the job requested. 

Once a workspace get empowered by an enterprise augmented reality platform, it will transform completely the way your workforce is going to operate.

There’s why today we are going to see together all the pros related to this option and how we can convert this new approach to work and problem solving in what we like to call as the “instant expertise” provided by Kiber 3 Web.

Enterprise Augmented Reality Platform And The Manufacturing Process

When we decide to empower our workspace and workforce with an enterprise augmented reality platform, we ensure a whole new level of precision, consistency and accuracy to our experts.

Thanks to such an instrument, our workforce will be able to access instant information, any kind of instruction and live support that would be never able to check in such an hastily and fast way without the use of augmented reality tech.

The Importance Of Having An Enterprise Augmented Reality Platform In 2021

For those of you who don’t know what augmented reality is, it’s a quite new fresh tech invented in the ’60s which developed enormously in the past decade.

AR tech is nothing more than a tech capable of enhancing our reality thanks to computer-generated images superimposed on the user’s view.

This new form of technology opens a brave new world of opportunities in the industrial sector. It enables for example real-time updates of any kind of design features, such as an assembly designs on a malfunctioning machinery.

Enterprise Augmented Reality Platform And The Instant Expertise

Using an augmented reality platform such as Kiber 3 web enables instant knowledge transfer by giving your workforce immediate access to any kind of instruction.

Therefore, it enables to solve any kind of issue without having any doubt, without the need to stop every now and then  and losing time to check manuals or designs, and so on.

It goes without saying that this way of doing things and solving issues significantly reduces human errors.

Using Kiber 3 Web enables faster training for your new operators, giving them the chance to acquire instant knowledge, the so-called “instant expertise“. 

This approach to work and problem solving not only reduces the percentage of errors and mistakes, but it reflects automatically on worker safety, improving dramatically all the parameters related to the occupational safety and health (OSH) field.

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Kiber 3 Web Features

Once you decide to upgrade your workspace and workforce by using Kiber 3 Web, this enterprise augmented reality platform will allow remote users to “transfer” themselves and live the on-site situation in-need, just as if they were present at the moment.

Kiber 3 Web is an extremely powerful web-based platform, able to bring  together any kind of remote experts and field workers.

Once empowered your business with it, this web platform becomes a shared collaboration space for accomplishing any kind of operation, from the easiest task to the most challenging ones. 

Kiber 3 web is very easy to use, both for your workforce and for remote users, who will easily connect in that moment from their desktop without the need of adding a software or any other installation for remote guidance and assistance.

It also includes maximum cyber safety, with a web-based solution empowered with a WSS (SSL) encryption protocol, one of the best tested cryptography.

This safety is obtained while maintaining a firewall friendly approach that doesn’t need any kind of additional installation to access the secure shared collaboration space.

The new Kiber 3

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