How remote communication can improve your business in 2021

25 Dicembre 2020

One of the main focuses of Augmented reality (remote communication) can revolutionise the productivity of your business.

Following the current trends, augmented reality applications will become multiple and dominant in 2021.

AR technology has the power to drastically change the way we perceive the environment around us.

It is based on the super imposition of digital content – such as images, texts or sounds – on the framework represented by the real world, caught on camera.

This is normally supported by common tools (smartphones, tablet etc.) or specific devices, such as headset, AR glasses and so on.

A part from the sector where this technology was born – gaming and entertainment – augmented reality has shown a lot of potential for business applications too.

Knowing the benefits it can bring along, day by day more companies are using it as one of the key drivers of their operations.

remote communication for team collaboration

In particular, AR devices highlight the importance of remote communication within a company between:

  • the single employee and a company’s head quarter;
  • a local technician and external experts;
  • different members of the same team.

The remote support, that augmented reality has developed through its devices, let businesses enhance the remote collaboration and increase their efficiency, whether they belong to the retail or the industrial sector.

Remote communication, in fact, has been indicated as one of the key elements for the success of a business – and here below we are going to see how.

Technical assistance

AR devices have a wide range of applications in the industrial sector, especially for technical assistance purposes.

Basing technicians’ inspections on the remote communication with professional experts, companies may drastically cut the possibilities of human errors, the time dedicated to each activity and the related costs.

Experts, in fact, are in constant contact with on-site operators and follow step by step their activities, always ready to intervene in case of need.

Thanks to remote communication, field workers don’t have to wait for an expert to reach the field in order to receive from them important information and instructions, but everything can be solved quickly through the communication channel.

A way to develop team collaboration

Every businessman knows that a collaborative team helps you having an efficient company and ultimately, is the key for success.

Collaboration, in fact, improves the way the whole team works together and solves problems, resulting in an increased sense of confidence for the entire company.

The remote communication through AR devices enables teams to share their knowledge and expertise, creating a workplace where experts can coach on-site workers, teach them new skills, and elevate the team as a whole.

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A valid option for inspection

As we know, inspections are among the most important activities that industries carry out on a daily basis, from construction sites to complex sets of pipelines.

Augmented reality has already provided different solutions to improve inspection processes, focusing primarily on remote communication.

Remote technicians may virtually take part of the inspection, while it is actually done miles away by local operators.

Through AR devices equipped with HD cameras, thermic scanner and other professional tools, technicians may virtually supervise the inspection and double check it, with the result of generating a significant improvement in terms of productivity.


All this considered, we can surely affirm that the remote communication powered by AR technology is a great tool that can transform the workplace in each of its business application.

Our innovative AR device Kiber 3 has been developed to allow a constant consultation between the remote assistance and local operators. If you are willing to see how we can drastically improve your business, check out our website for more information.

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