How Kiber is revolutionising the commercial augmented reality products

16 Dicembre 2020

AR devices represent the future of the commercial and industrial sector.

Extended reality (XR) has become the generic term that indicates all the immersive technologies.  These include virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, and all other immersive technologies in between.

Above all, they all aim at the same thing: extending the user’s reality to varying degrees. 

In particular, with augmented reality, it is possible to overlay images, videos or 3D objects to real-life environments.

AR’s incredible versatility has made it the perfect technological tool that will bring the commercial and industrial world closer to the future.

Here below we will consider how this innovative technology may be considered revolutionary for both sectors.

Commercial AR applications

For commercial purposes, augmented reality may represent a big support to the retail activities for B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer).

What is new about this technology is that it may increase sales while creating engagement and loyalty in the client.

By generating memorable experiences, companies may assist customers while choosing their products, taking their preferences into account.

For example, we have identified 3 different levels of AR application:

augmented reality in commercial applications

Smart sales

During the research stage, it is possible to support clients by customizing the shopping experience and directing their choices following their specific preferences.

Thanks to AR, clients may see the product in 3D, analyse all its details and customize it by changing in real-time some of its features – such as colour or dimensions – according to their tastes.

This function plays a key role in the decision-making process and, ultimately, may convince customers to finalize the purchase.

Creating in-store experiences based on AR

Companies can now engage customers inside their stores by surrounding them with objects and realistic 3D animations.

Clients are encouraged to interact with the AR installations through their smartphones or tablets and sharing their feedback directly on social networks. 

Some stores are currently using changing rooms based on augmented reality technology, showing to their clients how products fit on them and creating a new customer experience.

AR Packaging

Recently, brands have developed Apps to enrich the customer experience also through the packaging of their products.

Clients use their smartphone to scan a QR code on the packaging and access to additional information about the product or the brand itself.

Recipe videos, pictures about the production chain, instructions on how to recycle the materials or additional vouchers – are just some of the digital contents that AR can convey to customers simply by enhancing the packaging of certain products.

The final goal is certainly to create a customer experience engaging and unique, customised and enjoyable that will result in increasing the clients’ loyalty to the brand. 

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Industrial AR applications

As we previously said, augmented reality is quickly finding its place in a range of applications in the consumer, commercial, and industrial world. 

For this last one, AR continues to attract bigger and bigger investments of businesses that are trying to improve their efficiency and productivity. AR, in fact, is proving to be an effective tool to help the industrial workforce.

Devices, like our Kiber 3, help companies to boost their industrial processes. Normally, they give access to enhanced functions as the remote communication between on-site workers and the assistance of professional experts.

With remote augmented communication, and augmented operations, AR can help industries to better address the impending skills gap challenge.


In a future not too far away, this technology will become more pervasive and accessible to everyone as the new standard for communication.

For this reason, hi-tech companies such as our, are currently developing new solutions that can put your business on top of the market. For more information, contact us through our website.

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