How Kiber can solve augmented reality for building inspection

9 Ottobre 2020

Why AR ability of blending virtual elements into the real world can be a great advantage for the building inspection industry

Augmented reality has been highly developed during the last 10 years, giving the opportunity to a lot of industries to make their employees work more efficiently.

This is how it works: mixing what we actually see with some visual elements, that give us a more detailed overview, and therefore “augment” the real world.

Our company has developed an innovative AR device, Kiber 3, that has a really wide range of industrial application, since its technology is focus on reducing costs and risks.

Using our unique system, in fact, two colleagues may work together while being in two different places.

This specific characteristic is the reason why AR systems are an advantage for a tricky industry such as the building inspection one.

How Kiber can solve augmented reality for building inspection

How to apply our AR technology into the processes of building inspection

Our product is really easy to use.

As we previously said, our AR technology is composed like this: a set of tools (a removable binocular visor, a wide-angle camera, a fully integrated headset and a hand-cam) connected to a software, that has to be installed into your company computer network.

This system only requires a stable wi-fi connection and a minimum 4G connectivity on your inspection location, making it possible for businesses to use it basically everywhere.

Thanks to this AR technology, your company will be able to perform more efficient building inspections.

How? By connecting one on-site worker to the remote support of a professional inspector, that will follow step by step each phase of the inspection and immediately giving assistance when the on-site colleague is in need.

By doing so, the inspection will be fully optimised, lasting less and being more accurate.

What are the advantages of using our technology in building inspection?

Performing building inspection in a complex environment can be quite challenging due to various issues:

  • Complex underground facilities
  • Uneasy access
  • Heavy machinery
  • Human error

We developed our AR technology with the specific purpose of helping businesses saving time and reducing the risks involved in this industry field, by making workers’ life safer and easier.

It’s impossible to deny the great advantages coming from the application of Kiber 3 technology to the sector.

Our unique tool, in fact, allows to simultaneously perform a collaborative inspection and therefore, giving the opportunity to collect data and analysing it at the same time.

For this, of course, the collaboration between the on-site worker and the remote inspector is essential.

The real-time exchange of data between the two employees cut out several steps, enabling them to be more efficient and precise, while also reducing the possibility of error during the inspection.

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Another advantage that our augmented reality technology may provide is the distance factor.

This, especially during this Covid-19 pandemic, has turned out to be a great opportunity for employees of working together without being in the same place, allowing them to carry out their duties safely and without additional worries.

Inspector may also use augmented reality technology to see the alignment between the design models and the building conditions.

By overlaying the designed drawings directly on the building, discrepancies can be easily detected and immediately adjusted.


Building inspection is really one of the top applications of augmented reality technology.

The key element of our AR system is the constant connection between employees, and this is what really makes the difference when it comes to cutting costs, risks and time.

Four eyes are always better than two and we believe that focusing on remote collaboration is definitely the future of building inspection industry.

These are just few of the many ways in which we can help this specific industry thanks to our innovative product.

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