How To Empower Your Business And Cut Expenses With AR Remote Guidance

11 Novembre 2020

In the past years, the digital revolution has been the first object for the industrial sector which is always looking to increase its productivity while cutting expenses. Following this idea, we see an increase in the use of AR remote guidance in different businesses.

That’s the reason why today we are going to see the main benefits of this choice and why you should choose AR remote guidance technologies for your business and considering to adopt our last product, the Kiber 3 kit, a full-integrated AR tech able to connecting your workforce with remote experts and the full power of augmented reality.

Targeting the issue

Identifying the issue on a machinery which is not working properly, sometimes it’s a problem itself.

Giving the chance to even the most fresh between your workforce to equip an head mounted dive (HMD) and visualize the issue thanks to the help of an AR remote guidance.

Using sophisticated instruments such as augmented reality goggles, like the ones present in the KIber 3 kit for example, your local technician will have the possibility to use a wide angle camera able to stream a steady vision of the on-site environment.

 A remote assistant, usually an expert of that specific technology, will address where the problem is instantly and start a proper AR remote guidance which will help the local user step by step to solve it.

How To Empower Your Business And Cut Expenses With AR Remote Guidance

Cutting Expenses

Following the above mentioned process will result in significant cut expenses by stopping as soon as possible the technical problem.

Usually, those losses are the consequences of slowed productivity and time lost for addressing and solving a technical issue, so solving it by following a fast AR remote guidance will result in saving money on the short and the long run .

But there’s also more to consider. 

When we need an outside expert consultant to approach a rare or very delicate machinery in need, there are many expenses and problems to confront.

Just imagine all the allocation, travel and daily expenses we’ll have to face to have the aforementioned expert on the spot. Without mentioning all the problems that the specialist and us will have to deal with because of all the traveling ban and social distancing laws in act right now.

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Real Time Assistance

A remote expert will be able to assist you during its AR remote guidance by using many different tools empowered by the augmented reality tech. Those advanced instruments includes:

  • Live streaming videos able to be enhanced by instructions that will be shown directly on the screen thanks to AR enhance data
  • The chance for the remote expert to address the issue in that very moment by using many different tools to draw or pointing out with the AR superimposed data on the live screen to understand rapidly where to put act
  •  Reading real time virtually written notes or show instructions without the need of carrying around manuals or other instruments that would occupy your local user’s hands
  • Hearing instructions influenced by what you and the remote expert connected with you are watching in that exact moment
  • Full integrated communication with your remote expert during the AR remote assistance

All of this can be enabled only with the proper equipment, which must include a fully integrated headset able to perform all of the above operations in any situation.

That’s the case of our multi-feature wearable-hands free device: the Kiber 3 kit. This kit is Atex Zone 1 certified, which means that your workforce will be able to operate with a safe hands-free wearable solution in any hazardous environments.

The new Kiber 3

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