From the Italian Kiber, digital, AR, and XR solutions for the manufacturing industry

29 Luglio 2022

Translated from the Sole 24 Ore Newspaper – 21st July 2022

Creating new business models, especially in industries with an important historical background is never an easy task. However, Kiber’s success is pushing more and more companies to look with interest at the augmented reality solutions offered by VRMedia.

Kiber K3S, the flagship of VRMedia, born and developed over the years thanks to the collaboration with important players such as ENEL, Tecnimont, and Ansaldo, responds to requests for digitalization of industrial processes, is a light and intuitive tool; it is worn by field workers during inspection and testing operations or during construction, maintenance, and training activities.

The system allows each user to easily interact with their company tools, with any Android application, or with remote-connected experts who, through a camera and a display positioned on the helmet, can interact with the operator in the field by providing indications, sharing data, measurements, images and any necessary information.

To date, in fact, the Kiber solution is sold all over the world and meets all the needs of different industrial contexts such as power generation plants, offshore platforms, and manufacturing construction industries which, once the opportunities offered by new technologies are understood, are guided into change management processes, obtaining results in terms of efficiency, safety, and savings on intervention times and costs.



The new Kiber 3

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