How to do an easy remote assistance using augmented reality

12 Agosto 2020

Remote assistance is one of the best things that has happened in recent times in the world of customer service: this is the version of the new millennium!

Performing easy remote assistance in the real world thanks to the use of augmented reality and related technology developed in recent years is no longer a dream.

Remote assistance has been a key feature for customer service for computer. Troubleshooting has been implemented mostly because of it and it is still widely used to perform it and resolve any system issue.

Remote AR assistance is therefore the evolution of the new millennium of a concept already well established in the world of industry.

Let’s go and see how it works.

What does it mean “augmented reality” and how to use it.

augmented reality

Augmented reality is nothing more than an enhanced version of the real world modified thanks to computer data. Its history can be traced to 1968 when Ivan Sutherland, a Harvard professor and computer scientist, invented the first head-mounted display (HMD) as an experiment.

His creation was called: “The Sword of Damocles” as a reference to the famous Greek moral parable and it was a real “primitive” device, both in terms of user interface and realism, but it is widely considered to be the very first augmented reality HMD.

As a matter of fact, the HMD included in our Kiber 3 kit is basically a contemporary evolution of the Ivan Sutherland project.

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Augmented Reality and Remote Assistance on the Field.

After almost 50 years, AR tech can greatly help to assist workers in many ways that usually would require an expert on the spot.

Augmented reality applications in industry represents the definitive turning point for large and medium-sized companies.

For example, AR tech tools can provide an easy remote assistance for a worker-in-need to identifying components and wires by just watching at it so that a remote user can clarify what is the problem and how to proceed in order to solve it.

Augmented Reality and easy Remote Assistance

How To Do an Easy Remote Assistance While Being Safe on the Workspace.

Regarding Kiber 3 Kit we have to specify that it is Atex Zone 1 certified. While using it, your workforce will have a hands-free wearable solution to use in even hazardous environments which may affect some workspaces present in some Industrial sectors.

As a matter of fact, Kiber’s wearable hands-free solution sets a new paradigm for safety in remote operations: being an Atex Zone 1 certified Kiber 3 Kit is built for maximum safety in field operations and is made with carbon fibre reinforced composite polyamide to guarantee the safety of your workers.

Thanks to it, Kiber 3 keeps your workforce always connected in a safe way, even in the hardest and most adverse conditions.

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How To Do an Easy Remote Assistance and Cutting Expenses.

With the products made by augmented reality technology companies such as Kiber Tech instead, your business is going to cut on-field operation costs right from the start.

To give you an example, imagine what would happen if you need a particular professional figure to manage a specific machinery in your factory that is only available in another part of the country or even abroad.

You’ll have to deal not only with travel and accommodation expenses in that case, but also losses in profit caused by the loss of time and productivity while the machinery is out of service.

With AR assistance tech on the other hand, you’ll have the chance of receiving an easy remote assistance from remote experts located all over the world as if they were right there, next to your workforce, guiding every little action step by step thanks to their “virtual” eyes and ears provided by our Kiber 3 head mounted device.

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