Kiber for COVID-19 Emergency

12 Marzo 2020

COVID-19 emergency is having a strong impact on Italy’s enteprises, organizations and public administrations.

Kiber, with the goal of providing a real help in overcoming these hard times, joins the initiative of digital solidarity of Italy’s Ministry of Innovation and Digitisation ( and makes Kiber 3 Field app freely available for three months to promote new ways of remote collaboration.

Kiber 3 Field allows field operators to collaborate, through their smartphone or tablet, with remote experts providing support in many different situations (medical consulting, maintenance, inspections, diagnostics and trouble shooting).

Connection through Kiber 3 Field is cyber safe: thanks to its modern cryptographic standards sharing sensitive data, medical records or confidential information is safe and protected.

Kiber 3 Field, freely available for three months to enterprises and organizations, is a smaller version of a product developed for the Industry and is designed to operate even with low band width on smart phones and tablets.

In its advanced configurations for the Industry and Field Service operations, Kiber 3 Field can be used along with Smart Glasses and Smart Helmets.

The new Kiber 3

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