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Our focus is on the success of our clients and partners.
We help companies to embark on an industrial transformational journey providing cutting-edge technology developed to empower workforce in field maintenance and manufacturing day-to-day activities.

Our Mission

Kiber empowers workforce with AR solutions providing the “Instant Expertise” needed to accomplish ambitious tasks in challenging conditions. Delivering Innovation and Quality through higher performances and smarter solutions is our mission.

We are defining new ways of interaction between workers across the globe.

Who We Are

Kiber is powered by VRMedia, spin-off company of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, one of the most important educational institutions in Italy with top ranking in the world of Higher Education for applied sciences. We have developed Kiber’s solutions with industrial key players to answer the real needs of the Industry in remote collaboration by making interaction between people easy, safe and efficient.

Our day-to-day challenge is to bring the future everyday closer.

Our Founders

Kiber VRMedia Franco Tecchia Founder

Franco Tecchia

Chief Technology Officer

Kiber VRMedia Marcello Carrozzino Founder

Marcello Carrozzino

Software R&D Director

VRMedia Kiber Sandro Bacinelli Founder

Sandro Bacinelli

Hardware R&D Director

Kiber VRAR Association

Member of the VR/AR Association

We are part of the VR/AR Association, the international organization designed to foster collaboration between innovative companies and brands in the VR and AR ecosystem. We are proudly part of the VR/AR network of companies accelerating growth, helping develop industry standards and fostering research and education. For more information, please visit

SIC | SmARt Innovation Club

We believe new technologies develop faster when involving partner companies.

SmARt Innovation Club is a yearly based workshop based on open innovation funnel with key customers and partners. Twice a year Kiber hosts the SmARt Innovation Club bringing together industry reps, sales people and R&D employees for an overview on AR technology’s latest news and to discuss how current features in Kiber solutions can be improved to fit newcome needs.

Trusted by leaders across industries


Improving our offer to customers.

At Kiber we provide our worldwide customers positive experiences with total turn key, fully integrated solutions and adopt certified management systems to guarantee the highest standards in terms of quality and safety. We guide and support our customers in choosing the right AR solution to fit their needs and provide support and assistance in the everyday use of Kiber solutions.

iso 9001 kiber certification

Kiber 3 Kit is Atex Zone 1 certified

Discover a safe hands-free wearable solution for use in hazardous environments.

Kiber’s wearable hands-free solution sets a new paradigm for safety in remote operations: Kiber 3 Kit is Atex Zone 1 certified. Kiber 3 Kit is built for maximum safety in field operations: it is made of a carbon fibre reinforced composite polyamide to guarantee extensive and intrinsical safety.

The Kiber 3 Kit, available in Atex Zone 1 certified version, keeps your workforce always connected in a safe way, even in the hardest and most adverse conditions.

Kiber Atex EX

Latest News

Kiber Magazine

DNV Ship classification with remote witnessing system

24 Maggio 2024

Kiber AR equipment is the first to receive DNV Type Approval, revolutionizing Offshore Inspections

Offshore operations have long relied on meticulous inspections to ensure the safety and efficiency…
man with AR visor utilizing augmented reality

9 Maggio 2024

See Through Their Eyes: Revolutionizing Remote Inspections with AR Visors and Web-based Assistance

Industries are in constant seek of innovative solutions to achieve smarter ways of doing…
nuclaer plant augmented reality

22 Aprile 2024

Powerful use cases combining Kiber and TotalYmage’s solutions

In the dynamic landscape of industrial operations, the collaboration between Kiber and TotalYmage marks…

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