29 Maggio 2023

Our ways to reduce the carbon footprint

To measure a company’s environmental impact, we need to calculate its carbon footprint, i.e.,…

17 Maggio 2023

Upgrade to Kiber’s Augmented Reality Smart Helmet with Our Trade-In Campaign

Are you at the end of your device’s lifespan or are there barriers you…
AR implementation

2 Maggio 2023

How to Proficiently Implement Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is an extremely useful technology for the industrial sector. AR solutions…
microsoft teams and kiber solution

26 Aprile 2023

Introducing the Power of Microsoft Teams and Kiber for Remote Collaboration

As businesses shift towards remote work, they need powerful tools that enable them to…

11 Aprile 2023

Benefits of Collaborative Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is an innovative technology that is being increasingly used in many…
Prevention in Hazardous Work Environments – Kiber Tech

16 Marzo 2023

How AR Can Help Working in Hazardous Environments

Modern augmented reality technologies, like AR/XR visors, can help to improve safety in hazardous…
Extended Reality – Kiber Tech

17 Ottobre 2022

Extended Reality: Definition and Meaning

Extended/Cross Reality (XR) and its benefits The use of wearable devices is increasingly widespread…
Benefits of augmented reality – Kiber Tech

4 Ottobre 2022

Five Benefits of Augmented Reality

Pros (and Cons) of Augmented Reality in manufacturing There are a great many benefits…
What you can learn about augmented reality (AR) & employee training

11 Dicembre 2020

What you can learn about augmented reality (AR) & employee training

How this innovative technology is changing the global approach to corporate training Augmented reality…

The new Kiber 3

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