Best remote assistance tools: 3 effective tools you probably need right now

21 Agosto 2020

Here are the most revolutionary tools for remote AR assistance.

Augmented reality has changed the way we see and interact with the world around us. One of the main aspects AR has revolutionized is how companies can offer assistance to their customers, and that is why we are introducing the 3 best remote assistance tools present today in the market.

First of all, we can just think of how Kiber has introduced augmented reality solutions that enhance and make possible remote collaboration at work. The immediate consequences are improved efficiency and more fluid communication.

Best remote assistance tools improved results

AR offers unlimited and yet uncharted possibilities in the world of work.

Kiber Tech, one of the best augmented reality technology companies, is only an example of many companies taking immense steps and creatively developing tools in a way that has never been done before.

So, what are the remote assistance effective tools that you need right now?

3 effective remote assistance tools you need right now.

Augmented reality combined with remote assistance offers new and exciting opportunities in the business world, as it offers a more realistic and engaging way for technicians and companies to collaborate and interact with customers or field workers.

We have been using this type of remote AR assistance tool since it was possible for customer care representatives to enter a computer remotely to solve software problems. But, with augmented reality the virtual world binds with the real one, offering a completely different customer service experience.

In fact, here is where the best remote assistance tools offer a lot of potential. By combining streaming of video and augmented reality tools, like superimposing a virtual image on the real world, the whole customer experience, as well as internal business operations, may have a completely new feeling to it.

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1) Kiber 3.

kiber 3 Best remote assistance tools

Innovative products, like Kiber 3, have the potential of completely changing the way work is done.

This tool enables the application of augmented reality in energy industry through effective connection between workers on site with other workers who are not present on site.

Regardless of the distance, the experience is engaging and realistic for all those involved.

All of this is achieved by using specially designed wearable devices that have a unique binocular visor. This helmet not only complies with the safety needs in the field but introduces technology in creative and interesting new ways.

2) Financial AR remote assistance tools.

Remote assistance tools in the financial world have very clear and useful purposes. Today the client’s identity can be verified through remote assistance software, avoiding and preventing fraud.

In the same way, remote AR assistance tools can connect to insurance-based IoT devices, like a smoke detector, a vehicle computer, or digital doorbells. This can eventually help with claims, making the whole process faster and more efficient.

3) Communication server providers.

Communication providers have been one of the sectors most interested in using the best remote assistance tools combined with augmented reality.

They offer an interesting range of hardware, devices, and software solutions to customers.

As a consequence, augmented reality remote assistance tools help warranty efficiency in dealing with certain issues, offering a much more satisfying experience for the users.

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Final considerations.

All sorts of companies offer customer service, and they are among those that can benefit most from remote AR assistance tools.

Not only can they offer a more efficient experience for their customers, obtaining a higher level of success and resolving claims, but they can also reduce their costs by avoiding traveling expenses, remotely offering the solutions their customers need.

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