Best Remote Assistance Solutions To Apply In 2021

7 Settembre 2020

Nowadays, more and more remote assistance solutions are being employed in various working sectors, especially the Industrial one. Let’s discover together the best remote assistance solutions to apply in 2021 to keep pace with modern times.

Remote assistance is something that has been developed constantly since the introduction of the internet. Sometimes, even phone assistance has been considered as a remote assistance solution, but in reality the first time that remote assistance came with the so called Remote Desktop Connection.

Best Remote Assistance Solutions To Apply In 2021

Best Remote Assistance Solutions: Remote Desktop Connection

Remote Desktop Connection is a feature included with the first Windows products that allowed access to your computer from another computer located in a remote location.

That is a key feature which is still existing and widely used until now not only on Windows and Microsoft products.

Anyway, sticking with the Windows option, to act in order to operate on another system from a remote location you had to be sure that:

  • you need that the computer which needs assistance allows remote connections, usually setting it from computer’s System Properties
  • you need the computer’s IP address you want to connect to perform a remote assistance
  • you need to know the administrator account’ credentials of the host computer

Once you assure that everything is in its place, you’ll have full access and control of the host computer, so you’ll be able to perform whatever operation you need to do for solving any issues that are disturbing the computer’s performances.

This remote assistance solution is still widely used and can be very useful also on a big scale, for example if you have problems regarding the servers linked to your workspace or a specific computer which doesn’t won’t to function correctly.

Now, with this way of solving issues right in mind, you have to imagine the possibility to do the same thing as manoeuvring a machine from the inside, but instead of a computer you’ll be able to control a human being thanks to augmented reality technology.

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Best Remote Assistance Solutions: Augmented Reality Tech

As in the case of the “old” remote assistances performed by Windows systems, there’s still a remote assistant user working from a remote place, only this time it will control directly the user using the augmented reality tech to try to solve a problem.

Augmented reality in fact is nothing more than a reality enhanced by computer data which will appear directly on the user’s view, in this case a camera. It differs from virtual reality, which “creates” a virtual brave new world instead of “adding” elements to our reality.

Now, to perform one of the best remote assistance solutions for your workspace on the market you’ll have to equip a head-mounted display linked to augmented reality tech such as our Kiber 3 helmet included in the Kiber 3 kit.

Thanks to it, one of your employees will be equipped and connected with a remote assistant which will guide every step needed to solve an issue without actually being there.

Thanks to this helmet and its 150° vision wide angle camera, the professional from a remote position will see whatever your employee is watching in that very moment, and thanks to AR tech it will be able to show info and instruction directly on the display.

This will result in a sort of “instant expertise”, as we like to call it here in Kiber, and resolve many issues linked to lack of experienced personnel and, now in the year 2020 and future 2021, Pandemic-related issues such as lack of outside experts because of travel bans and restrictions or quarantined senior employees.

The new Kiber 3

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