Best Remote Assistance for Business: 4 Reasons to Choose Kiber Tech!

14 Agosto 2020

It is time to speak the truth about augmented reality and one of its best applications: remote assistance. Here’s 4 reasons why our latest product, Kiber 3, is the best choice for your business.

Until a few years ago, remote assistance was something that mainly concerned the IT area and was totally unrelated to the concept of augmented reality.

As a matter of fact, it was one of the best feature Windows features that allows a remote user (a single helper or a team) to provide technical support to a remote user (host).

Through Remote Assistance the helper can view the Windows session of a host on his computer as if he or she were in that very place next to the customer and smoothly proceed to solve the computer’s issues within the operative system.

remote assistance and augmented reality tech

Today, thanks to augmented reality technology companies like Kiber Tech, we reached the best remote assistance achievable thanks to the same concept brought to a brand new level.

Augmented reality is nothing more than an enhanced image or environment as viewed on a screen or other display, produced by overlaying computer-generated data.

Those data can be images, sounds and a lot of other features that can be extremely useful to achieve the best remote assistance for your business, giving an immense help when we have to face a technical issue of any sort -especially in the Industrial sector, especially today.

Now let’s see what are the 4 reasons why you should choose Kiber Tech for augmented reality applications in industry.

1 – Travel expenses reduction.

Travel expenses reduction with remote ar assistance

When we face a particular technical issue we might need help from a specific professional key figure that is not present on our territory. Let’s say that the only one capable of resolving a problem with our most expensive machinery is km away from us, in another city or region.

To bring this key figure on “our soil”, we would have to pay travel expenses and face many other charges and problems: not only travel expenses and accommodation, as of today another big issue is the Covid-19 Pandemic crisis that closed many borders and enabled travel bans all around the globe.

Using a Kiber 3 kit, we can receive remote AR assistance from experts from all over the world as if they were there.

In fact, thanks to our wearable head-mounted device with a unique binocular visor, an HD video camera, a performing set of headphones/microphone, and even a handycam for additional views with thermal imaging capacity a remote user would be basically “there” with us and watching what we are watching in real time.

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2 – Communication improvement.

Because of everything we said before, this means also that communication between remote user and host is going to be optimal.

In other cases, while receiving a remote assistance of any sort, the help we might receive could be slow down by a lack of proper communication caused by the impossibility of being able to explain what is happening in front of us or just because we can’t figure out what is the actual problem.

3 – Time reduction.

Because experts don’t have to travel from place to place and because of the communication enhancement, we also see big improvements in time reduction: to solve a problem thanks to augmented reality, once we make contact with our remote expert, we can resolve the issue right there right at that very moment.

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4 – Safety.

On top of everything that we already said, we conclude by pointing out the big improvements that we can see in workplace safety once we decide to adopt remote AR assistance.

Because the remote expert will guide every step of the worker in charge of solving the problem watching through the worker’s eyes (camera) as if he or she was “a robot“, this will reduce factors of risks and error rate that might be extremely dangerous or even lethal in case of some machineries.

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