Augmented Reality Solutions For Construction Inspection In 2021

1 Dicembre 2020

Tech advancements in computer vision technology have made possible to upgrade various augmented reality solutions for construction inspection in 2021.

These kind of solutions are already becoming quite common in the construction inspection field, making it easier for construction workspaces to adopt AR technology.

Construction  Projects and Augmented Reality

Augmented reality solutions for construction inspection are able to help the process of monitoring many aspects of construction projects and maintenance. 

For example, while usually this kind of project reports relies on papers, being forced on manual data collection, plus only imagining how the actual project will be, with the usage of augmented reality tools that will no longer be the case.

3D projections of the spot  are possible with augmented reality, and on every layer all people involved in the project with the proper accesses will be able to watch the progresses, see how the project will develop and even help by leaving advice of technical nature on a shared server.

But it’s in the construction inspection field where augmented reality really shines .

construction work

Construction Inspection Upgrades

Using augmented reality solutions for construction inspection in order to identify potential mishaps able to jeopardize the entire project, like a colliding pipe for example, possibly before construing it can spare a significant amount of time and money of course. 

But augmented reality can also be used in remote visual inspection (RVI) processes and non-destructive testing (NDT). 

NDT is a technique used in many industries (not only in the construction field) In order to analyze and evaluate all the properties of an object, like material, structure, component or even an entire system for evaluating eventual defects or issues without causing any harm to it. 

NDT is also a good way to improve OSH overall standards because of the fact that it is a one of the safest testing methods in the construction field.

NDT techniques empowered with augmented reality can help to prevent significant injury or even fatalities by ensuring structures on the construction site, helping to adjust components and dangerous machineries used on the workspace, and much more.

As a matter of fact, this way of performing inspections it’s harmless to both humans and objects.

Additionally, non-destructive testing performed with augmented reality tools are extremely accurate and repeatable because they do not damage in any way the tested objects.

Doing so and comparing more tests, NDT and AR tech prevent malfunctioning and work delays before they occur, translating in avoiding huge losses on the long run. 

On top of that, we should also consider the fact that all the operations performed with augmented reality may be recorded thanks to modern technology and used later for training and education purposes at any time, speeding-up the learning curve of your workforce.

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Augmented Reality Solutions For Construction Inspection In Hazardous Environments

The advantages of using augmented reality solutions for construction Inspection doesn’t end here.

Sometimes, construction projects may be undertaken in hazardous environments that reserve many dangers for your workforce, limiting the range of operations carried on in those areas.

If you need to carry out such types of inspection even in those areas though, then an AR tech with Atex Zone 1 certification such as the Kiber 3 kit may be needed. 

The Kiber 3 kit is a wearable, hands-free solution which sets a brand new paradigm for safety standards in remote operations: it is built for reaching maximum safety in any on-field operations thanks to the fact that it is made of a carbon fibre reinforced composite polyamide.

Empowering project personnel with Kiber 3 means that they will be kept operational in any circumstances in a safe way, even in the hardest conditions.

The new Kiber 3

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