How augmented reality can improve the remote inspection camera experience

29 Luglio 2020

Remote inspection camera: that’s how the perfect combination happens.

If you’re wondering how augmented reality can improve the remote inspection camera experience, just read the next few lines.

Augmented reality applications in industry is having a huge impact on the way businesses and industry are having to maintain their productivity and prosperity in today’s commercial market.

One of the leading products now available to businesses is Augmented Reality (AR), the merging of our real-world environment and digital layers, to create a fully interactive ‘AR’ world.

Augmented reality is not a toy.

Many people in business and industry have little or no knowledge of AR, they believe that it is just a modern gimmick for gamers and the media industry and do not envisage how AR can fit into their business world.

Augmented reality is not a new concept, having been invented over 50 years ago in the late 1960’s. Over 30 years ago sport was using AR interactive layers to draw all those lines and squiggles to explain moves.

augmented reality applications for business

With advancements into hands-free equipment, cameras are now available allowing instant reality and digital to merge simply by pointing a camera at them.

The equipment usually consists of a headmounted display (sometimes known as Smart Glasses) that is digitally connected via a collaborative network to a digital device.

With advancements in technology some systems now have this all built in.

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How augmented reality applications in industry can changes your business.

Many people are already using augmented reality, they simply do not know it. A simple example is the rear view camera in your car that shows a digital projection of the direction your car is heading.

Interaction from the driver who is moving the vehicle (and camera) merges the digital and real worlds allowing for perfect parking. AR at it’s basic.

The augmented reality applications in industry is having a huge impact on how they are working and no category is greater than that of inspection.

In brief, faster and immediate inspections can be carried out anywhere and at any time, thereby allowing for errors, faults and discrepancies to be detected early.

This in turn means that steps can be taken immediately to alleviate the situation.

How do remote inspection cameras work with augmented reality?

AR camera technology works on a ‘See-What-I -See’ system. In short, whatever the user can see, other people can see too.

For example, the user could be carrying out an inspection of a construction site and requires assistance from a specialist about a particular issue.

Once the specialist is equipped with augmented reality equipment he can ‘see’ exactly what the user is seeing.

How remote inspection cameras work with augmented reality

This then allows the specialist to interact with the user, not only verbally, but able to overlay plans and diagrams or highlight areas of concerns.

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What are the advantages of using AR technology with the remote inspection camera?

The advantages of using augmented reality in remote inspection cameras are many but we can summarize them in the following two elements:

  • Downtime costs: Imagine your inspector has to halt a project or production line because of problems. If he is unable to resolve the situation immediately and has to call on a specialist to attend site to alleviate the situation all that down-time is costing your company money. If your specialist is half-way around the world it could be many days of little or no progress before work can continue.
  • Travel costs: Many companies have a staggeringly high budget for travel. Moving specialists and experts around sites can cost companies huge amounts of money. If this is the case in your company then it makes sense to invest in augmented reality. It has been shown that those companies who can, to quote that adage from the sci-fi series of the 1960’s, ‘beam up’ their specialists without the additional expenses of travel and downtime, make significant savings.

In conclusion, the use of ‘hands-free’ remote AR allows inspections to be carried out in a safe, timely and cost-effective manner.

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