Why Augmented Reality is revolutionizing remote assistance in the appliance market

17 Luglio 2020

Remote assistance appliance: that’s what this is all about.

The remote assistance in the appliance market through Augmented Reality (AR) is growing strongly. Companies that have already begun to use AR technology have seen an increase in productivity whilst reducing their travel costings budget.

Perhaps, more significantly, they are reporting a substantial improvement of the experience of their customers.

The adoption of Augmented Reality as a remote assistance tool is seen to be of great benefit to those industries that need to perform on-site inspection, maintenance and repair.

home appliance repair through augmented reality

It is therefore logical that the use of AR in the appliance industry presents significant advantages.

1) AR remote assistance allows your company to provide specialised expertise globally.

Whether you have field teams within a local area, nationally or across the world, Augmented Reality remote assistance is suitable for all scenarios.

So even if your customer is living in the centre of a huge city or on a remote hilltop, as long as your technician can receive a signal to their remote digital equipment you can provide expert assistance right into someone’s business premises or home.

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2) AR is known as ‘See-What-I-See’ or SWIS and is exactly that.

With a combination of live images, two-way communication and the Augmented Reality capabilities, the technician in the field has, at their fingertips, the ability to connect with experts and colleagues when additional assistance is required.

For example, Your technician has been called to a faulty gas appliance on a Sunday morning. On arrival the technician realises that this appliance is one he has never encountered before.

Before AR he would have had to shut down the appliance to make it safe and then call on a more specialist technician to call later.

The customer is not satisfied as he no longer has use of the appliance, possible for a length of time. But also the technician is not satisfied as he was not able to help.

With Augmented Reality this is not an issue. The technician can don his AR remote assistance equipment and in collaboration with his specialist, who can provide all the necessary information required, complete a satisfactory repair. Win win.

3) With augmented reality the technician sees the problem even before performing the intervention.

the technician sees the problem with augmented reality

It is not just in the technician – specialist field that Augmented Reality remote assistance technology is of benefit.

Many customers have a dedicated customer liaison department that is the first point of call for your customers who are reporting a faulty or defective appliance.

With AR it is possible for this team to send your field technicians visual data prior to them making the call to the customer.

If this team believe there could be a technical issue before the technician visits, they can call on their supervisor or expert, collate additional information and via AR transmit this to the technician.

All before he visits your customer. Of course, during that visit, the technician still has the ability to call, via AR, additional expertise if required.

However, forward planning helps to increase the first-time fix rate thereby increasing productivity in the field. Of course this in turn improves your customer satisfaction rate considerably.

Today’s customer expects instant results and a satisfactory outcome.

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4) AR remote assistance saves your company money.

There is the potential of a reduction in revisit and travel costs if the job can be done on the first visit.This is particularly true if your specialist is a substantial distance from the job.

Augmented Reality remote assistance is also useful for maintenance helping to reduce the number of appliance breakdowns.

Finally, customer satisfaction.

A customer is more likely to stay with a company that provides them with a fast and reliable break down service.

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