Augmented reality for quality inspection? Yes, we have a solution

12 Ottobre 2020

How applying AR technology can optimize one of the main fields of manufacture

Nowadays, augmented reality is a technology that has revolutionized our approach to everyday life and to the workplace at 360°.

With its combination of virtual and real elements it represents the perfect starting point for thousands of applications, both in domestic and industrial use.

In those sectors that can benefit more of AR technology, we can surely find manufacture and, particularly, the quality inspection that follows the production of any kind of item.

If we consider carefully the importance that is now given to this specific field of production, it is not surprising that companies are now investing more time and resources to find a solution that can optimize this process.

Every company final goal, after all, is creating and selling perfect products to their customers with zero waste.

All this considered, research is providing innovative devices that are deeply changing the modus operandi of the industry.

Augmented reality for quality inspection? Yes, we have a solution

Supportive AR wearable devices

A type of AR technology that proved to be successful in quality inspection is a portable device that supports technicians during their work.

Operators wear special glasses or portable AR systems that recognize the product, that is recorded on camera, and automatically display on the screen (e.g. lens, glasses) useful information, such as the tasks check-list or the tools that should be involved in the inspection.

In this way, technicians will easily detect those products, who don’t meet the company guidelines, and put them aside.

When using augmented reality, another key element is that the device should be portable, but more importantly, hand-free, in order to allow on-site workers to have a full freedom of movement.

Well, this is definitely the case of our innovative AR system ,Kiber 3, which is equipped with a combination of tools (a camera, a headset, a binocular visor and a handcam) that leave the hands of the operators free to act.

Also, human errors are drastically reduced thanks to the introduction of step-by-step guided procedures.

A report generating technology

Another important AR function, that is a great asset for quality inspections, is the possibility to generate reports through the information absorbed by the system.

Augmented reality, in fact, can simplify the creation of reports on the production statistics (e.g. how many defective items have been created by the supply chain and their area of interest).

Each type of glitch is collected, registered and classified automatically by the AR system, allowing companies to easily extract the specifics needed in their production reports.

These, in fact, are the data that are constantly under observation to keep the production stages optimized.

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100% combinable

Sometimes, quality checks are carried out through the assistance of automation systems or specific machineries that have been created to detect certain glitches of the items produced.

These technologies do a first screening of the products, that afterwards will be checked again by specialized employees.

And here is where augmented reality gets in game, improving and optimizing the staff operating processes, while being fully integrated with the automation technologies already implemented by companies.


As we just saw, the technology of augmented reality has been developed also for an application in quality inspection.

This sector has always been characterized by the manual human work, since it requires high cognitive skills that only people possess.

For this reason, AR technologies are introduced only as a support for the human work, helping industries to reduce the costs, the human errors and promoting efficiency. 

In this regard, our company main focus is to optimize the production of our partners, and that’s why we believe our product may be the correct choice if you want to improve your company quality inspection processes.

The new Kiber 3

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