Augmented reality platform: why AR is (right now) the most effective technology for business

6 Luglio 2020

Everything you don’t know about the application of augmented reality to the world of industry.

In the business and industrial world of today everyone is competing for a share of their respective market and Augmented Reality platform is the rising star.

Such major advances in digital technology such as camera-enabled smartphones is allowing science fiction from the movies to become the reality of today. Augmented reality can, quite literally, change the way we see the world.

So what is Augmented Reality Platform?

what is Augmented Reality Platform

Basically AR is the merging of the digital and real worlds. The technology allows individuals to see digital information, e.g. technical information, architectural plans or pictures, to be projected onto the real world.

For example, in the construction industry a designer can project his plans for a new office block into the site of construction thereby providing a client with a 3D perspective of their new building.

This is just one example of the many ways that AR digital information can be used in practical and cost effective situations.

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The inter-house application in the training and education of your employees with augmented reality.

The use of Augmented reality in training and education has a huge potential for your company. This is especially true if your are a nationwide or even a world wide company.

No more huge bills and days lost in bringing together your teams for training sessions in a central location. Working in the AR environment your teams can be spread far and wide and yet digitally come together for a training session, team meeting or learning about a new process or product.

AR can provide 3D representations of items and allow your employees to have ‘hands-on’ training in a clean, safe and controlled environment. In the world of AR, mistakes can be made without the dire consequences and costs to your business. This may involve the dismantling and reconstruction of a new tool or rehearsing a new business process.

If the virtual tool breaks then it can be quickly remade and the student can have another try or if you want to measure the benefits of a new business process, the virtual world can recreate that, allowing you to see where there are flaws in the process.

The system allows for teachers and trainers to work in virtual collaboration with their students which makes for a consistent and level playing field for your business.

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The commercial applicability of augmented reality to your consumers and/or customers.

commercial applicability of augmented reality

The other side of your business, your consumers and customers can also benefit from the use of AR. AR allows them to see their potential purchase in the environment it is to be used.

This may be a new piece of jewellery, a new house build or even a new boat! It may be they want to test out a new form of processing before incurring huge expense in both time and money for something that turns out to be unsuitable.

As a customer they can have a virtual experience in the comfort of their own home or office. Once they have made their purchase they are safe in the knowledge that they have ordered that which is correct for them. Their customer experience does not have to stop there.

In the event of a system or process failure your company can have remote support teams. When the customer contacts this team they can provide them with a virtual image of the problem. The support team can then provide virtual solutions. Fast, efficient and cost effective.

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