Augmented reality opportunities you can manage right now using the Kiber system

20 Novembre 2020

Why our unique product will prove to be a winning choice for companies looking forward to improving their efficiency and production processes 

As we all know augmented reality, as the virtual and mixed one, has the potential to shape the future and our approach to daily life and work tasks with it. Through AR technology, users can experience an enhanced version of reality, whether they are playing at a video game or using it in their workplace. 

Our company comes from the desire to bring future everyday closer, especially for enterprises who are seeking a technological solution that may increase their operativity while reducing the production costs. 

Keeping this purpose in mind, we have created a unique AR device that represents the all-in-one solution that businesses can use to apply augmented reality to their industries. 

It is a helmet equipped with a head camera, a binocular visor, a handcam and a headset. This set of hardware is connected to a software that companies can use remotely to control the operations. 

Thanks to its combination of features, our Kiber 3, is the perfect example of how augmented reality is an incredible opportunity for companies to join the technological innovation. 

kiber AR system for industries

Based on real-time interaction

One of the many turning points that augmented reality has brought along, is the possibility to create interactive solutions to task management. Companies, in fact, understood that the introduction of technical personnel always in contact with on-site workers, can reduce human errors and, hence, improve the overall efficiency.  

Thanks to the live annotations, remote screen sharing, session recording, multiple video conferencing that our device provides, technicians may count on the full support of professional expertise that follow step-by-step the operations and may provide assistance in case of need.

Remote assistance proved to be crucial in different situations, such as

  • on-site maintenance
  • on-site inspections
  • professional interventions

The constant remote support performs double checks and, in addition to reducing the errors, it also assists employees in following the procedures that guarantee workers safety, and consequently contributes to avoid unpleasant incidents. 

Wearable hand-free devices

Nowadays, we can see a lot of different application of augmented reality. Technological businesses are creating their AR devices in order to introduce them in plenty of sectors.  

Most of AR devices, as well as our product, have a specific conformation that gives life to a lot of different use opportunities. It is, in fact, a wearable hand-free device that allow operators to use it also during those works that requires a complete freedom of movement.

For example, during on-site maintenance interventions on specific machineries, technicians are able to fully take advantage of the AR technology (such as step-by-step instructions and technical support) while carrying out their duties with both of their hands. 

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Training of the staff

Another great opportunity that augmented reality is providing, it’s the possibility to use it for training purposes. Instead of disposing an on-site trainer, thanks to AR devices, companies can now carry out their training modules remotely, reducing the related costs and times. 

Skills training requires time, consumables and some industrial processes are also risky and dangerous for people who don’t have experience. Augmented reality offers a chance to start your staff training without any risk involved and making the transition between theory and practice softer.


Whether it is used in construction sites or during the maintenance of dangerous equipments, augmented reality technology allows companies to increase their productive efficiency while drastically reducing the related costs. Our AR solution is one of the most versatile, which makes it a key tool in each of its many applications. Contact us for more information.

The new Kiber 3

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