Augmented reality as a solution for underground pipe inspection and maintenance

2 Novembre 2020

How AR technology can preserve the network on which is based any kind of industrial production

With the advent of AR technology, companies have understood its huge potential for industrial application.

Nowadays, it is common to see enterprises using augmented reality in their operating processes, boosting their efficiency and therefore, their profit.

AR based tools, in fact, may help operators to have access to an enriched version of reality.

Through the combination of a specific set of hardware (e.g. camera, helmet, visors etc.) connected to a software that can project digital objects (images, texts etc.), technicians are able see in their glasses or lens real-time information about the object they are looking at. 

Obviously, this technology has spread to all sort of different industrial applications, proving to be a winning strategy in all of them.  Pipe inspection and maintenance does not differ.

Most industrial facilities, in fact, have a pipeline network that needs regular maintenance and, in case of a system failure, requires immediate intervention from highly qualified personnel. 

Each company’s aim is avoiding machine down-times that always bring along production loss and, hence, revenue loss. That’s the reason why businesses have looked for a solution that may assist them in the prevention of such critical situations.

Augmented reality turned out to be a great advantage for pipe inspection and maintenance. But let’s see how.

underground pipe inspection and maintenance

Allow preventive maintenance

As we just said, pipeline networks are crucial to the correct functioning of any kind of factory, being the structure on which any kind of productive operation is based.

That’s why they require constant preventive maintenance, implying that companies do not wait for a malfunction to occur but focus their efforts on the prevention of such incidents.

Through the use of thermal cameras, engineers and technicians can analyse the conditions of pipeline networks, spotting critical situations before they get worse.

This represent a huge benefit for companies, as they will meet always less and less machine down-times and the related unfortunate consequences.

Boost efficiency

AR technology bring along great advantages in terms of efficiency. In fact, it is now used to reduce working times, thanks to the support of specialized tools, such as thermal cameras, that are part of AR devices and help technicians to locate the source of the problem.  

Augmented reality is also constantly elaborating data during operators’ activities.

The system is set-up to naturally collect many different data during its use-time: pressure, temperature and humidity are just few of the parameters that are very much needed to determine the overall state of the equipment and that the system analyse automatically.

Thanks to the use of AR devices, companies can make the most out of each single technician intervention, whether it is preventive or caused by a system failure.

Improve workers’ safety

Workplace safety has always been one of the top concerns of most industries.

Working in a safe environment creates a positive atmosphere in which employees are able to fully concentrate on their work, without being distracted with safety worries.

As we previously said, AR devices give to the user additional information about the environment in which they are working, favoring a better understanding of the situation and so, decreasing the possibility of last-minute surprises.

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Augmented reality can provide essential data, that technicians need, without their physical intervention.

If before the application of AR tools, operators had to manually analyse the industrial equipment, now they just need to look at it and the system will provide additional information about its conditions, decreasing exponentially any possibility of injury.

In conclusions

Technological businesses are now developing competitive solutions that can support companies in the inspections and maintenance of their pipeline networks.

An example of that, is our latest product, Kiber 3, which is equipped with all the features required by the job. It is the all-in-one AR solution that your company needs to empower the workforce in daily industrial operations.

The new Kiber 3

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