AR Tech And Remote Inspection Techniques: The Right Combination For Your Business

6 Novembre 2020

We are close to the end of a very difficult year, where we faced as people and as businesses many challenges, therefore it is time to rethink our workspaces and new ways to empower our workforce thanks to innovative remote inspection techniques supported by AR tech.

That’s why we are going to show in this article a series of reasons about why AR technology and what it’s now called the “See-What-I -See” system might revolutionize entirely your way of working and perform inspections and maintenance in your business.

The increasing demand for remote inspection techniques had a predictable increasing demand for remote visual equipment and advanced technological products, which includes the rise of augmented reality technology and its usage in the industrial sector.

Remove Visual Inspection And Remote Inspection Techniques

Remote visual inspection, commonly known as RVI, is a quite new form of performing inspections, which requires a considerable use of visual support technology, such as cameras and live streaming, in order to allow the technician to look and analyse bits and pieces from a distance. 

Inspections performed in this ware are mandatory when target objects are unreachable or located in an unsafe environment. These inspections are also considered as a branch of non-destructive testing (known commonly as NDT).

AR Tech And Remote Inspection Techniques

Augmented Reality Technology And Remote Inspection Techniques

While doing remote inspections, it may happen that your local technician might find it difficult to visualize the problem by himself, and not even what is wrong with a malfunctioning machine .

This might be extremely problematic  especially during these difficult times where we have a relevant shortage of outside expertise, because of the problems coming from the travel bans and other restrictions in act worldwide because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

In this case though, the only thing one might do is still the same: ask for help, most probably in the form of a remote assistance.

And here’s how augmented reality technology becomes essential for the usage of optimized inspection techniques.

Augmented reality shows an enhanced version of the actual reality by using computer tech to overlay a series of digital information on what is being viewed through the AR device in that very moment, usually through the use as of a video streamed by a camera. 

In this way, even the newest between your technicians have a chance to operate properly with the help of a remote user: your worker will be guided in every step as if the remote expert (or experts) were next to your personnel. 

Live streaming video will not only help to connect your workforce with remote users, but it will also be used in many other ways to enhance the reality watched in that moment by pop-up info and data that will address every kind of issue, where it is exactly and how to solve it.

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Kiber AR Tech And Remote Inspection Techniques

But in order to do so, your personnel will need the right equipment properly updated with the most recent AR tech such as our Kiber 3 kit, which implements the so-called “All-in-One” solution optimized for the aforementioned tasks and able to connect the local user to up to 3 remote users.  

Thanks to its peculiar mix of a Software and Hardware fully integrated between themselves, your workforce will also have access to wearable AR tech with an Atex Zone 1 certification.

It means that they will be able to perform any kind of operation needed in that moment, even on-field operations in hazardous environments.

This it’s made possible thanks to the fact that Kiber 3 is built with a carbon fibre reinforced composite polyamide, thought exactly to guarantee maximum safety for the user.

The new Kiber 3

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