The fully integrated AR remote communication wearable solution to access relevant know-how exactly when you need.
Keep it safe, efficient and user-friendly.

Kiber system main features

Remote experts live the situation as if they were present

  • Wide angle HD camera
  • Handheld HD cameras
  • Multiple visualization tools like helmet camera, thermal camera and borescope

Easier Interaction between people through AR

  • Remote screen sharing with screenshot annotation and pointer to worker
  • Experts can show a project, a document, or mark the remote images exactly as it displays on the shared view
  • Worldwide multiple expert assistance at the same time and videoconferencing

Everywhere knowledge access through tailor industrial fit in every moment and everything you are doing

  • Noise cancelling mic + PPE Headset with surrounding noise equalization
  • Low bandwidth requirements
  • Binocular Display
  • Hands Free system

What you can do with Kiber


Build up a whole library of first-time-fix tips and tricks, for colleagues and customers.


Back up our visual, gestural tools with an excellent, high-quality voice connection.


Do your job in safely and easily, your hands will be free to operate in any situation.

Multiple visualization

Possibility of simultaneous connection of several contemporary experts

Pointing & Making gestures

Let your hands do the talking, make complex procedures crystal-clear, whatever your language.


You can use not only your hands, but even overlay physical tools to show exactly how it's done.


Share Screen from Windows to any device, either the entire desktop or any individual window.

on picture

When live is not available or optimal, guide on images from other sessions, situations or sources.

Kiber software application

Kiber Solutions are field-proven and known as a valuable tool for inspections, preventive or corrective maintenance and training. The complicated, difficult to remember, site-specific maintenance and troubleshooting procedures could become easy enough for a generalist technician to perform, a technician that can easily be found nearby.

Kiber software application

Our software is designed to perfectly fit today’s industry needs. It is based on an extremely efficient & secure communication protocol, and is “augmented reality-ready”. It’s easy to install and requires no programming. Field technicians will appreciate user friendliness while experts will be able to offer their contribution no matter where they are.

However, there’s nothing more constant than change, Kiber software follows a user-centered development philosophy by making sure every “experienced user” input is collected and taken into account for new releases.

Kiber configurations

Kiber’s unique technology is a very efficient solution for any industrial application, even the most complex and hazardous ones.

Kiber helmet is a turnkey HW/SW system fully configured to offer a complete remote assistance service, where remote video and audio real time capabilities remove problem of being remote.

Kiber can also be combined to other wearables. Helmet, glasses or camera, local workers can connect in real time to centralized expert support.