AR Based Remote Assistance: A Short Guide

23 Settembre 2020

Everybody loves AR based remote assistance and augmented reality in general, but how many of us know exactly how it works? 

Here’s why in this guide we’ll explain exactly how AR based remote assistance works and why it is so beneficial to both enterprises and customers, and what’s its future. 

AR Based Remote Assistance: What Is It?

AR based remote assistance is a constantly evolving technology that allows local workforce and remote experts to collaborate and be visually guided during their shared activity.

Originally, remote assistance was based on a specialist’s ability to use a remote connection to manoeuvre, view and control a computer or any other kind of smart device through the Internet or a network in order to solve any kind of software issues.

AR based remote assistance explores and upgrades this concept.

Thanks to the power of the AR and  of the latest tech developed in the last decades, like streaming videos of what is happening in that very moment in front of the worker-in-need or the environment where the issue has appeared.

This gives the chance to remote experts to remotely help and solve many kinds of different issues , bringing together two worlds which were separated before: the physical world and the virtual world.

AR Based Remote Assistance: A Short Guide

AR Based Remote Assistance: How Does It Work?

By merging both live video streaming with AR tech, remote assistance has changed completely the word of customer service permanently.

Empowered by live video streaming, AR based remote assistance is based on images broadcasted in real time, images that are enhanced by the augmented reality tech power.

This is an interactive technology based on the superimposition of computer-generated images on a user’s view of the physical environment, an operation that results extremely useful in the remote assistance world.

This combination of these aforementioned technologies generate a powerful solution for remote support.

It is way more efficient than any kind of auditory communication, because visually targeting the desired operation and schemes enables the customer to understand and execute any given instructions in the faster and best way possible.

Basically, the remote expert will show to your local expert what to do, instead of explaining it.  

AR Based Remote Assistance: Its Uses and Benefits

AR based remote assistance can be used for many applications, across a wide range of different industries.

For instance, on work field services, AR based remote assistance can show all the instructions and data needed for your local workforce in real-time.

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It can help your technician to gain instant access to guidelines and remote expert help whenever is necessary, in order to execute any kind of maintenance or solving machinery issues as fast as it can be. 

This new approach to remote assistance has many benefits that can be recorded in the short and long time. 

It can boost your productivity in the field by solving any issues without the need of calling an outsider expert, increasing the first-time fix global rate.

It also greatly improves your workers satisfaction and safety, while cutting expenses for training and external help.

AR Based Remote Assistance And The Kiber 3 Kit

To perform those aforesaid operations, you need the proper instruments capable of doing an AR based remote assistance.

A perfect example of this equipment is the Kiber 3 kit and the head-mounted display linked to augmented reality tech included with it.

Thanks to such technology, any of your local employees will be empowered and connected with an AR based remote assistance and visually guided step by step to solve any issue appearing in your work space.

That includes also hazardous environments, because Kiber 3 is ATEX Zone 1 certified.

The new Kiber 3

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