AI in Field Service: Benefits and Improvements

14 Novembre 2022

How to Improve Field Service with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is transforming field service management thanks to innovative solutions based on modern AI technologies. Companies can currently take advantage of advanced tools and sophisticated AR/XR solutions, in addition to the potential offered by 5G.

AI in field service allows for the optimisation and streamlining of all operations, from remote communication to intervention planning. Let’s look at the benefits of Artificial Intelligence in the field service sector and the solutions available to improve this type of work.

How to improve field service with AI

Field service can now be managed through advanced AR/XR systems supported by 5G and AI. In particular, multifunctional wearable devices can be worn to empower the workforce in the field, allowing them to carry out any type of teleworking, including problem-solving in urgent and critical contexts.

With Artificial Intelligence, field service can be improved using unique AI systems capable of analysing the data gathered and providing helpful information to experts and operators. AI can also be integrated with machine learning to take advantage of increasingly precise and reliable technologies to improve field service management and reduce errors.

Benefits of AI in field service management

The support of AI in field service brings with it significant benefits. There are many ways in which Artificial Intelligence is changing this sector, offering the opportunity to improve process efficiency, streamline operations and introduce new predictive maintenance systems. These are all the benefits AI brings to field service.

Making field service more efficient

Field service involves manual work carried out by on-site technicians. This activity has the potential for mistakes, leading to higher costs for the company and an increased risk for the operator. Thanks to AI, field service can be made more efficient by minimising human error, improving both service quality and customer satisfaction.

Simplifying the tasks of field operators

AI programmes simplify the job of field operators, making their work faster, more practical and safer. Artificial Intelligence provides the opportunity to direct a technician on how to perform the operation and assign priorities to the job required. This is especially useful in complex settings where the operator is faced with difficult situations and has to quickly determine the best practices needed.

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