Enterprise AR Solution for Instant Expertise Everywhere

Kiber gives you the latest in-cloud remote control technology, for quicker and more efficient performance.
Enhance productivity and lower costs through wearable computing applications.

Kiber 3 solution is smart, easy and efficient.

We offer companies a flexible AR technology solution to empower workforce in daily industrial operations
that require instant expertise and remote collaboration.

Kiber 3 is a unique Hardware and Software fully integrated AR remote communication wearable solution allowing remote users to live the situation on-site as if they were present and on-site workers to receive support while staying focused on their job with an all-in-one “hands-free” solution.

Kiber 3 Kit’s multi-feature wearable device, Kiber 3 Web’s powerful web-based platform and Kiber 3 Field’s user-friendly mobile app.

Improve your business operations with Kiber 3

Kiber 3 is designed to perform efficiently on the real needs of remote working operations. Our fully integrated solution is the premium choice enabling businesses to:

Speed Up Diagnostic

Increase Productivity

Reduce Costs

Increase Operating Safety

Explore Kiber 3 Kit

The multi-feature wearable hands-free device empowering workforce

Kiber 3 Kit, a rugged head-mounted device with a unique binocular visor, is designed to perform efficiently on the real needs of field and remote working collaboration and gets the job done, now. Interaction between people through technology is easy, safe and efficient.

Kiber 3 is designed to perform efficiently thanks to its unique features

Kiber 3 allows timely expertise to be on spot empowering field workforce with a wearable all-in-one solution connecting on-site worker to up to 11 remote users for support.


Kiber 3 Kit is Atex Zone 1 certified

Discover a safe hands-free wearable solution for use in hazardous environments.

Kiber’s wearable hands-free solution sets a new paradigm for safety in remote operations: Kiber 3 Kit is Atex Zone 1 certified. Kiber 3 Kit is built for maximum safety in field operations: it is made of a carbon fibre reinforced composite polyamide to guarantee extensive and intrinsical safety.

The Kiber 3 Kit, available in Atex Zone 1 certified version, keeps your workforce always connected in a safe way, even in the hardest and most adverse conditions.

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Kiber is powered by VRMedia. We help companies to embark on an industrial transformational journey providing cutting-edge technology developed to empower workforce in field maintenance and manufacturing day-to-day activities.

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