3 ways to apply augmented reality for the industrial enterprise

13 Novembre 2020

How AR devices are already affecting certain industries 

Augmented reality is one of the most life-changing technologies that the world has seen in recent years. Its wide range of applications makes us expect that the AR market will continue its exponential growth over the next few years.

In particular, market surveys pointed out that industrial enterprises are one of the highest adopters of Augmented Reality. And since AR technology is based on the over-imposition of digital content (e.g. images or texts) on the external world recorded by a camera, we can definitely understand why industrial enterprises seized the opportunity of developing this technology into their productive fields. 

In details, here’s the top-three applications of AR devices for the industrial enterprise

Augmented reality for Manufacture

In the next 5 years, we will witness a deep transformation of the manufacturing sector as companies will adopt innovative technologies to generate always more automated and interactive factories. 

Augmented reality represents the starting point for this huge change, since it is already successfully applied to the following processes:

  • logistics
  • training 
  • maintenance of the factories’ equipment
  • quality checks 

By overlaying step-by-step instructions to the reality framework, AR enables the gathering of real-time operational insights and, consequently, the improvement of maintenance and servicing. In addition, it allows a constant connection to the remote assistance that may be developed profitably without the need of having teams in close proximity. Ultimately, augmented reality may also help reducing staff on-boarding costs, and becoming the new standard for employees training. 

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Augmented reality for retail industry

As we previously said, AR market is becoming bigger and bigger and shopping and retail are certainly part of it. Retailing today is facing a big transition, shifting from being product-centric to customer-centric, a model where the customer experience is everything

Everything, in fact, seems to rotate around the emotional involvement of the customer. 

But how, exactly, may retailers move forward to ensure success in this world? Many are developing specific Apps to make clients interact with their products and their brand. 

In this scenario, augmented reality is representing the number-one solution for companies to improve the customer experience, by the creation of innovative services, such as:

  • The introduction of virtual changing rooms in certain stores: this spot allows clients to try clothes or accessories, taking photos and sharing them on social media.  
  • A digital catalogue: another AR tool that retailers are now promoting online, allowing clients to examine in detail the wanted object.
augmented reality for automotive industries

Augmented reality for automotive industry

Automotive industry has always been linked to the technological development. For this reason, it is not surprising that augmented reality found the possibility to grow inside this competitive market. 

In particular, we can now find AR solutions in the design stage of cars: engineers are counting on the support of this technology to increase their productivity while creating new models. How? AR system will automatically create the different variants of the car. This means that technicians will not have to do it by hand anymore, allowing companies to cut drastically the costs related to the production stage.

It is believed that in the future, augmented reality will also make it easier for customers to carry out maintenance interventions all by themselves, guided by the step-by-step instructions provided by AR technologies. This opens the path to amazing opportunities for car lovers. 


Augmented Reality is one of the latest and biggest technological trends worldwide. At first, these technologies seemed to be completely linked to gaming, but their recent developments are proving that they can be applied to several industries, bringing along undeniable benefits

In the next few years, it will be fascinating to see how the applications of AR technology will multiply. Our company is dedicated to the development of innovative AR tools that can help industrial realities boosting their efficiency, while reducing the productive costs. Contact us for more information at info@kiber.tech.

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