3 top reasons to try the augmented reality training with the Kiber system

4 Dicembre 2020

Training sessions are the key for keeping your business on top. Here is 3 benefits that AR can bring to your company

Recently, companies started to develop productive systems enhanced by the introduction of augmented reality.

It is common to see factories managed through AR technologies, or site inspections carried out counting on the remote assistance powered by AR wearable devices.

However, industrial production is not the only field where augmented reality proved to be a game changer. 

Research indicated that using AR or VR technologies, businesses can perform a deeper engagement of employees during staff training sessions. This affects obviously their performance and, hence, their productivity.

Augmented reality, in fact, enhances traditional learning by overlaying digital information on the real world, enriching what the user can see, and offering additional information for better understanding.

Devices such as our product, Kiber 3, are designed to support companies’ activities, including staff training.

The benefits you can get using AR tools include the reduction of time and costs related to staff training, the break down of complex procedures into simple instructions and the application of the principle “learning by doing”.

But let’s see in detail what they imply.

Considering to try the augmented reality training

Time and costs saving

Every company in every industry pursues efficiency, and therefore, the smart use of their employees’ time. 5 minutes of training via augmented reality are the equivalent of 1 hour and 30 minutes of lesson in attendance.

Thanks to AR, companies are able to train their staff way faster and keep the personnel up to date without repeating the lessons.

When using AR, there is no need to move teams, recreate complex scenarios or put the staff in danger during the practice time with risky machineries.

In addition, augmented reality devices are normally self-managed, so there is no need of additional operators to run the training sessions.

The development of the same training programme using traditional channels (e.g. lessons, books etc.) would need a bigger investment of money and resources.

Via AR technology, instead, companies may cut drastically the time that they spend on staff training and, more, importantly, the costs related.

Simplify difficult procedures

The industrial world is often characterized by a sequence of procedures so complicated that even their training become a tricky element.

The correct functioning of huge machineries may depend on the skills that new technicians must acquire as soon as possible.

Augmented reality allows companies to perform staff training in the simplest way: by actually seeing in front of them what is being said by the teacher.

Using this innovative technology, employees may see and follow step-by-step the explanation of difficult procedures carried out by expert trainers.

This make the learning process faster and improve the team performance in case of technical problems.

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Learning by doing

Recently, a lot of publications affirmed that the human being has the instinctive tendency of learning by doing. We are naturally brought to make attempts, taking note of the feedbacks from the surroundings.

The success of the “learning by doing” approach lays in the fact that by doing a certain thing, we acknowledge the consequences.

Through AR devices, employees may experience big mistakes and their relative consequences, while being 100% safe. Augmented reality makes learning multisensory and lively, increasing the feeling of a real experience.

The more employees do it, the more they will learn, the more they will assimilate and the more they will retain.

This is how companies may provide a more complete training and pursue a higher level of engagement and interaction from employees at the same time.


All this considered, companies have now understood that augmented reality is an incredible tool when it is about reducing learning times and the costs of the training modules, without affecting on the preparation of their employees.

On the contrary, AR trainings have demonstrated to improve the level of attention of the staff, creating a deeper level of engagement that will affect also their productivity.

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