3 exclusive benefits about Kiber & remote video inspection

23 Dicembre 2020

How our innovative product may revolutionise your inspection business.

Inspections are a critical aspect of any kind of business. Unfortunately, though, this process is not usually as efficient as it could or should be. This generates a loss of customer satisfaction and involves an increase of the costs related.

Companies performing inspections are within a field that needs a continuous renewal to become always more efficient and productive.

That is why hi-tech businesses – like our – are creating augmented reality solutions for remote and smart inspections, able to innovate their processes.

New technologies, in fact, can support human inspectors, enhancing their capabilities. Our own device – Kiber 3 – is specifically designed to assist daily operations of the on-site workforce.

But how exactly it is done?

Kiber 3 is a safety helmet equipped with a set of hardware (HD cameras, binocular visor, headphones, microphone and a handcam for additional views with thermal imaging capacity) combined with a specific software that connects the local operators, who wear the helmet, with specialised experts far away.

Its incredible features make our product the perfect tool to boost your company’s efficiency and productivity.

remote video inspection

3 benefits that Kiber 3 will bring along to your inspection processes

  • It allows remote engineers and professional inspectors to view what the local operator is seeing in real time.

If we consider that normally this kind of experts are asked to be physically present to perform the inspection, we can clearly see that AR technology is generating great advantages in terms of time and costs involved in the whole process.

These professional figures, in fact, usually travel to the local site, involving days of waiting and considerable costs too.

Thanks to AR devices, the inspector, instead of driving to the location, can initiate a video call with the client or the property owner and assist them through the inspection without wasting time travelling.

Additionally, if an inspector isn’t able to solve the issue, they can invite other experts to the video call and ask for assistance.

  • Furthermore, our device is designed to enable a high-resolution image capture and the possibility to mark-up in real time the images or videos that are being shared.

The remote assistance may point out specific spots and give clear directions to on-site workers during the inspections, making it easier for them to follow their instructions and do not make any mistake.

Kiber 3 also provide a service of document sharing and storage, making the whole inspection process more efficient and accessible.

  • AR devices like our give access to multiple people to the same video session, with video recording and playback features too.

This means that there will be fewer miscommunications within the team and, as we previously said, it would be possible to involve other experts, with different capabilities, in case the technicians already present in the video call are not be enough.

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Who can benefit from Kiber 3

Now that we have seen the benefits that our product may bring along, let’s go through the types of businesses to whom this device is addressed.

  • Construction industry: when building residential or commercial properties, city inspectors and private inspectors are able to ensure that the property meets necessary building codes and regulations. In this scenario, AR devices may have a positive impact on the inspection processes of this specific industry.
  • Cargo or industrial ships: shipowners and ship managers may use Kiber 3 to provide remote assistance from ashore for crew members onboard.
  • Other realities that need a device that can give them direct access to remote assistance

In conclusion

Augmented reality technology is a growing trend that is catching on in the industrial sector, revolutionising its processes and dynamics.

If your company wants to see how our product would improve your inspections procedures, contact us for more information.

The new Kiber 3

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