3 enterprise AR solution for industries you have to know in 2021

21 Dicembre 2020

Discover which aspects of industrial processes will be revolutionised by augmented reality.

Augmented reality emerged as one of the biggest technological trends of the last decade, and its development keep pushing it on top year after year.

It should not surprise, then, that research indicates AR applications for enterprise in continue growth also for the upcoming year 2021.

Its technology works with the super imposition of digital content, such as images or texts, onto physical objects and environments via mobile devices and has revolutionised the way people perceived reality.

Here below we will consider 3 AR solutions that are believed to restructure completely industrial processes in 2021.

AR to enhance the smart working

This year we experienced the importance of digital collaboration tools in order perform multi-person video chats and team messages as offices moved to remote work during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Augmented reality technologies gained traction this year within certain industries, enabling people to “see” digitally their colleagues, but also objects and data as holograms within different spaces.

AR devices have enabled co-workers in separate home offices to collaborate together on the same design project, or sharing a sit in a virtual common table for group discussion.

As a consequence of what we discovered during this uncommon year, it is believed that this technology will support the spreading of smart working by providing companies with tools to communicate from multiple locations, visualize information and share personal notes as if it was a normal office work.

AR solution for industries

Modernize customer service trough remote assistance

Augmented reality has established itself in the technological market as an innovative tool that gives enterprises limitless opportunities to interact with customers on their preferred devices.

This translated automatically into the chance for businesses to improve their customer service through the remote assistance powered by AR.

Enterprises, in fact, have understood that incorporating augmented reality remote assistance may result in the possibility of enriching relationships with customers and perform as a powerful new mechanism to meet customer demands.

This solution proved to be far more efficient than auditory communication, since visually highlighting the desired actions enables a faster and more accurate comprehension and execution of instructions.

Moreover, with the ‘virtual’ interaction between customers and support agents, companies achieved:

  • An efficiency improvement in the assistance processes
  • A reduction of the resources implied
  • An enhanced assistance through personalized visual guidance

Staff training

The incorporation of augmented reality into learning processes has created an environment where learners can have a hands-on learning experience.

Technologies facilitate the “learning by doing” approach, even in cases where this has always been impossible.

By using AR devices – such as headset, glasses or even smartphones – trainees may interact with the constructed learning environment, living an experience enriched but still close to reality, making the most out of it.

Companies have understood its great potential and started applying it into their training modules, obtaining amazing results in terms of engagement, focus and also safety.

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Corporate training, instead of involving boring sessions of e-learning with no interaction, may now be carried out with innovative AR tools that will result in the creation of personnel that will retain the indications of the training modules.

Additionally, in case of training in dangerous settings (e.g. machineries, equipment), augmented reality represents the best way to let new employees experience and learn what is needed, without putting them in danger.


AR has the power to create new digital experiences that transform the customer journey into a connected and immersive visual interactive experience.

The steady progress toward deeper implementation of AR within the industrial world is inevitable and will characterise the upcoming year. 

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