3 augmented reality industrial applications Kiber is managing right now

7 Ottobre 2020

How our devices are supporting the constructions industry, on-site inspections and the maintenance sector

AR technology is widely known as the industrial game-changer of the current decade. It simply combines hardware devices (e.g. cameras and headphones) with a software that overlays digital objects (images, sounds or similar) on the reality that the camera is recording, and therefore its name “augmented reality”. 

Lately everybody is finally getting its remarkable potential in industrial application, as well as the importance of its technology aspect.

Our company is deeply focused on developing augmented reality technologies that can support more and more industrial sectors, with the final goal of increasing their productivity while reducing human error and costs.

Certainly, it is an ambitious project, but let’s consider the 3 industrial application where our product already proved to be a great support.

3 augmented reality industrial applications Kiber is managing right now

Construction Industry

The construction industry is the perfect example of how unpleasant on-site surprises can negatively affect the construction process and extend the delivery terms. AR technology can now help you to avoid this kind of setbacks.

Workers have now the chance to have a more inclusive view of the project in each of its layers, combining the virtual architectural designs with the physical reality of a job site.

In addition, workers’ safety is another key element that our AR device is improving in those construction sites that can be dangerous for employees. 

Since augmented reality is based on real-time information, we can easily see its potential of increasing efficiency, improving safety, managing costs, and overall boosting project confidence in the construction field.


Another important application of our AR technology is the field of on-site inspections. Thanks to our device, workers are now able to safely go through the inspection while being in constant contact with the head office, that can give them remote support in case of need.

Together they are able to carry out all the inspections procedures more efficiently and also more precisely (Kiber device is equipped with a 150° HD camera plus an additional handcam for close view on details with thermal imaging capacity).

Right now, our technology is already supporting companies for building inspections and pipe inspections, which is another possible use of our device.

These kinds of controlling activities, obviously, may lead to possible on-site maintenance. This is, indeed, another industrial application of AR technology.

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Maintenance applies to a wide spectrum of industries: from the interventions required in the navy or aviation field, to the heating system that needs to be fixed in our little apartment.

In each of these scenarios, AR technology proved to be a real asset, allowing operators to use step-by-step instructions on how to repair a component while actually working on it.

In fact, maintenance has never been this easy: whenever a problem is detected, you can easily intervene precisely on the spot, supported by the rest of your team through the connection device.

Our technology allows workers to be in constant contact with a remote support that may assist them during the maintenance procedures in case of need.

Another key factor is that our AR device is hand-free and portable, allowing technicians to have complete freedom of movement while carrying out the maintenance operations.


Are you looking for a solution to help you avoid time wasting, human error and unnecessary costs? Kiber got you covered!

Our technology allows you to optimize time and abilities of your staff, whether your company belongs to the construction, inspection or maintenance sector.

And if your business field is not among these ones, don’t worry… we are developing always new solutions to extend our scope of action.

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