Kiber 3 solution is smart, easy and efficient.


We offer companies a flexible AR/XR technology solution to empower workforce in daily industrial operations
that require instant expertise and remote collaboration.

Kiber is a unique Hardware and Software fully integrated AR remote communication wearable solution allowing remote users to live the situation on-site as if they were present and on-site workers to receive support while staying focused on their job with an all-in-one “hands-free” solution.

Wearable Solutions:

Kiber K3S:
the versatile solution

The new integration with Android smartphones unlocks endless scenarios of advanced usage. 

A whole new word of Phone/Helmet hybrid applications is now possible.

Kiber K3S smart-helmet Augmented Reality Remote Assistance

Kiber 3 Atex Kit:
for tough environments

Kiber Atex EX

The Zone 1 Certified wearable hands-free device empowering workforce

Kiber 3 Atex Kit is built for maximun safety in field operations: it is made of carbon fibre reinforced composite polyamide to guarantee extensive and intrinsical safety.

Kiber VRMedia Smart Helmet Augmented Reality Remote Assistance

Software Solutions:

Upgrade your field operations with Kiber Mobile Solutions

Experience improved efficiency, enhanced safety, better collaboration, reduced costs, virtual training, and improved quality. Transform your work processes today and see the benefits for yourself. 

Revolutionize the way work is done. Provide workers with real-time information and guidance, connect them with remote experts, streamline work processes, provide virtual training, and improve the quality of work.


Take advantage of remote assistance to reduce your carbon impact by cutting down on the need for field technicians to physically travel, saving both time and energy.

Improve your business operations with Kiber

Kiber is designed to perform efficiently on the real needs of remote working operations. Our fully integrated solution is the premium choice enabling businesses to:

Riproduci video

Kiber is designed to perform efficiently thanks to its unique features

Kiber allows timely expertise to be on spot empowering field workforce with a wearable all-in-one solution connecting on-site worker to  corporate tools or remote users for support.


Overlay digital information on top of the physical environment, allowing field workers to access important data and instructions in real-time without having to look away from their work.


Provide workers with additional safety information, such as instructions for handling hazardous materials or identifying potential safety hazards in the environment.


Provide interactive and immersive training experiences for field workers, helping them to quickly learn new skills and procedures.


Allow remote experts to see what the field worker sees and provide assistance remotely through the mobile device.


Provide field workers with visual cues and directions to help them navigate unfamiliar environments, such as industrial facilities or construction sites.


Provide field workers with real-time information about the status of equipment or systems, allowing them to identify and address issues more quickly.


Provide field workers with visual representations of data, such as 3D models, which can help them to understand complex systems or structures more easily.


Perform more effective maintenance and improve overall performance by providing field workers with real-time information about the status of equipment or systems.

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